Doer Immigration--杜耳出国 



  • 22-55岁;
  • 英语水平最低达到CLB5;
  • 2年制大专及以上教育;
  • 个人净资产至少60万加元,其中至少30万是流动资产(由指定审计公司出具报告);
  • 投资额不少于25万加币;
  • 创造2个及以上工作岗位;
  • 过去5年至少3年企业主经历,或过去5年5年私营企业(国营、非政府组织、非营利机构均不行)管理经验。



  • 年龄:最高10分;
  • 语言:最高20分;
  • 教育:最高25分;
  • 个人净资产:没有分值(但有最低要求);
  • 企业管理经验:最高20分;
  • 商务计划书:最高15分;
  • 适应能力:最高5分;



  • 商考、英语考试;
  • 线上登记(EOI);EOI申请费用为2000加币;
  • 被邀请申请;
  • 评估申请材料;
  • 面试或网络视频,省提名决定;
  • 申请联邦批准;
  • 登陆NB省,执行投资协议。


• adult services including but not limited to the production, distribution and/or sale of pornographic or sexually explicit products and/or services, and/or the provision of sexually oriented services;

• aestheticians and services;

• beauty salons;

• bed and breakfast accommodations;

• coin operated;

• consultancy (business or agency that offers expert professional advice in a field);

• cooperative (business or organization owned and operated by its member); • credit or debit cards (active or inactive);

• domain names;

• a farm that is maintained without expectation of being a primary source of income; Guide to the Entrepreneurial Stream 23 New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

• financial brokerage (business that derives its prime source of income from acting as an intermediary for buyers and sellers);

• financial services including, but not limited to cooperatives and/or credit unions;

• home-based and/or businesses operating from a residential property;

• landlord property and rental management;

• not-for-profit businesses and organizations;

• property investment (purchase of real estate for the intention of earning a return on the investment, either through rental income, the future resale of the property or both);

• professional practices and services where the applicant fails to provide proof of licensing and/or accreditation in New Brunswick;

• secured loans where items of personal property are used as collateral (i.e. pawnbrokers); and

• short-term borrowing including, but not limited to, payday loan, cheque cashing, money changing and cash machines.


  • 30天之内,用书面报告向省教育劳动局报告;
  • 60天内与省教育劳动局官员面谈,讨论创建企业的事宜;
  • 180天内与省教育劳动局官员面谈,汇报创建企业进展;
  • 2年后,创建企业需达到投资协议要求;
  • 3年后,或创建企业运营1年后(以先满足的为主),可书面申请退还10万加元保证金;